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2008 Blue Mini Rex Doe
* Blueberry ~ #CS1 *

   After showing the Lilacs and English Spots for several months, I wanted a breed where there would be more than just a few entries in a class. I talked to Danny and Travis Akehurst and got Blueberry and Patches to show.

   It has been really interesting to have Blueberry and learn about the Mini Rex breed. There are many more entries in this breed class, so I have my work cut out for me. Thanks to Travis Akehurst and Sandy Neal for giving me some helpful tips.

   On Friday, May 07, 2010, Blueberry gave birth to 4 kits - 2 lilacs and 2 blues. Before they were born, I was kind of worried, as she was a first time mother and didn't pull much fur. On Thursday night, her hutch was a cloud of blue fur and the nest box was full. She had her babies some time during the night. Sadly, this litter got wet and died 3 days later.

   Even though I was sad over the babies, I rekindled Blue and made sure her hutch was water tight. On June 13, 2010, Blue gave birth to 4 blue kits. They eased my sadness over the previous litter. See the Litters page for their baby pictures.

Silos GCP
Blue - GCP
 Cresthill's Platinum
 The Proud Doe's Timebomb
 Broken Lynx - TIMEBOMB
 Cresthill's Chip
 Chocolate - CHIP
 Ezdaes German Chocolate
 Broken Black - 1A
 Ezdaes Tidal Wave
 Broken Black - TIDALWAV
 Ezdaes Berlin
 Broken Chocolate - BERLIN
Silos DR
Blue - DR
 DC Dakaar
 Black - D211
 DC's Hans
 Lilac - HANS
 Ezdaes Dynamite
 Black - DYN
 Romance C
 Black - R1
 Silos Express
 Broken Black - RC2
 Ezdaes Too Much Rain
 Black - K8
* Matching colors indicate inbreeding *

Show Results

** Muskogee County 4-H Club **
Youth Show
November 12, 2009
Fourth Place

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