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KSS Skeeter

2010 Blue Mini Rex Buck
* Skeeter ~ #SK *
Born: June 13

   Skeeter is one special little rabbit. He was the sole survivor from his litter, so I have been really protective of him. Skeeter has been so much fun to work with. I have been teaching him to lie on his back and let me check his teeth, feet, legs and nails from the time he opened his eyes.

   On September 7th, we took Skeeter to a Muskogee County 4-H show, just to get him some table time before the Tulsa State Fair. I just wanted him to have a good time seeing all the other rabbits and people. When our class was called, he was the only Junior, so we had to show with the Senior bucks. Was I surprised when my little Skeeter won the class. He also won Best of Breed!

   My grandma urged me to take Skeeter into the Showmanship class. Since I had been working with him and he seemed to be having a good time, we went in. Imagine my surprise when we were the Junior Division Showmanship Champions!

   The judge told me that Skeeter was a very promising young buck and I had done a good job with him. I'm looking forward to the fair, as I think he will do well.

Silos GCP
Blue - GCP
 Cresthill's Platinum
 The Proud Doe's Timebomb
 Broken Lynx - TIMEBOMB
 Cresthill's Chip
 Chocolate - CHIP
 Ezdaes German Chocolate
 Broken Black - 1A
 Ezdaes Tidal Wave
 Broken Black - TIDALWAV
 Ezdaes Berlin
 Broken Chocolate - BERLIN
Blue - CS1
 Silos GCP
 Blue - GCP
 Cresthill's Platinum
 Ezdaes German Chocolate
 Broken Black - 1A
 Silos DR
 Blue - DR
 DC Dakaar
 Black - D211
 Romance C
 Black - R1
* Matching colors indicate inbreeding *

Show Results

** Muskogee County 4-H Club **
Youth Show
September 07, 2010
Best of Breed
Division Champion-Junior Showmanship
(Skeeter's First Show)

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