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The 4-H Agility Dog

Baby Tippy
"Baby Tippy"
A few days after I got her

It's hard to believe that Tippy was ever this little. She won my heart with this cute puppy look. Grandma wasn't sure that she wanted another dog, but I convinced her that rescuing a puppy would be a good thing to do. She finally agreed and allowed me to pick out a puppy, so I chose Tippy. From the start, Tippy was a smart little dog. Once she learned what you wanted her to do, she would do it from then on. We got her a collar so that I could teach her to lead on the leash. She and I would take long walks so she would get better at leading.

Little Dog in a Big World
"Little Dog in a Big World"

After we had been taking walks for a month, we were bored with just walking around. I noticed that Tippy loved to jump for treats and wondered if I could get her to jump over a little jump for them. I got a couple of concrete blocks and a square piece of lumber to make her a small jump standard. Tippy would sail over this jump for a doggie treat.

As the weeks past, I kept raising the height of the bar by adding other blocks. Tippy kept on jumping for her treats. One evening, my grandma told me about agility dogs and thought Tippy might enjoy agility. I looked on YouTube and found videos of 4-H agility dogs and open agility shows. I wanted to see what Tippy could do, so I made a see saw and a sort of a-frame. She loved playing on these home made obstacles.

When 4-H started in August, Grandma and I went to what we thought was the first meeting. We found that our meeting was the next night and a new 4-H dog club had been started. The dog club leader was at the meeting the next night and I found out what I had to do to join. I was really excited for Tippy. We had to get Tippy's vaccinations to prepare for the first meeting. I couldn't wait.

The weekend before, Grandma and I went to paint the agility equipment and prepare for the year. I kept wondering how Tippy would do, since she hadn't been around a lot of people with dogs before. Even though I had made some of the obstacles at home, Tippy hadn't seen the tubes or other equipment. The leader, Jaime, told me that they would teach me to work with Tippy in obedience and agility. She said I shouldn't worry about Tippy being a beginner, just come and have some fun.

Finally, meeting day came. I gave Tippy a bath, so she would smell nice, as she likes to swim in the pond and can smell kinda nasty. I got her a new choke chain for obedience and she was sporting her new dog tag. I think Tippy was excited to go to our first dog meeting. Grandma took the pictures below so you can see how Tippy and I did. She was awesome and I had a good time working with her. The other people were amazed how Tippy loved agility and how great she did for her first time on a real course. Actually, she loved it so much, we ran it twice!

(Click on the little pictures to see larger ones.)

An expert club member gets some treats from Katie  Katie and Tippy try proper heeling  Other club members watch the lesson while holding Harley

Tippy jumping through the tire obstacle Tippy going on the see saw for the first time Tippy likes going up the a-frame obstacle

Over the see saw again-this is fun! Katie trips and Tippy tries to help her with doggie kisses Tippy likes going down the a-frame obstacle, too

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